We Have Flexible Plans to Meet Your Needs

OWR Property Management offers full service, partial service, and a la carte services options for rental properties. There are also plans available for owner-occupied homes. When you return to your primary home at the end of the season or leave town for an extended vacation, OWR Property Management staff will look after your home.

We Maintain Your Property

Making periodic visits to your investment property is standard for us. The OWR Property Management staff will respond to maintenance and repair needs. These visits ensure that both you and your tenant know that the property is being cared for and that should anything arise, we are on top of it.

We Provide Administrative and Financial Property Management

The OWR Property Management staff will collect your rent and respond efficiently if payments are not timely received. Some clients ask us to pay property-related expenses as well. We provide periodic statements as well as end-of-year statements so that you know how well your property is performing. These statements also make tax preparation much easier.

We Do Our Job Well

As your property manager, the professional staff at One World Realty, Inc. has the expertise to market your residential property. We will help you obtain the greatest benefit from your real estate investment. Our property management staff understands the many facets of the Palm Beach County rental market including: Rental rates of comparable properties What… Read More

Great Tenants Prefer Property Managers

Our best tenants say they prefer to rent through our professional property managers because they know we will be available throughout the lease period to deal with issues or concerns that may arise. We show them the property, negotiate and sign the lease agreement, handle maintenance and repair issues, and efficiently collect rental payments. The… Read More

Bad Tenants Prefer Property Owners

Bad tenants prefer to deal directly with the property owner who may not have the experience and resources to screen them out. They expect the owner-managed property to rent for less. Most property owners don’t have the experience or ability to confront or evict bad tenants. The OWR Property Management staff will check references and… Read More

We Show Your Property

While it may be inconvenient for you to take time to show your property and to deal with potential renters who may not show up for their appointments, the OWR Property management staff will respond to requests from potential renters to view a property. We have years of experience and can often get a sense… Read More